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Become the Spirit of Anarchy and take on the police state in this throwback-twist to classic PC gaming. · By Anarchy Softworks


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SUFFER Out Now on Steam! Horror Punk FPS
Akron, Ohio - December 11th, 2018 - Solo indie-dev game studio Anarchy Softworks LLC has released its first game, SUFFER, for Windows PCs on Steam! Set in an ab...
SUFFER beta [demo] is over!
Hey friends, Thank you so much for all of the support. The SUFFER beta [demo] has been online for over 8 months and I've gathered an amazing amount of feedback...
SUFFER [demo] 1.3 Released
Hey friends! SUFFER [demo] v1.3 is live now! So remember last time when i said the SUFFER [demo] had been updated to the final version of the engine? That is no...
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SUFFER [demo] Update and Steam Release!
The demo build of SUFFER has also been updated to version 1.2. This demo is running on the final version of the engine, with upgraded graphics, improved perfor...
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Bringing Box Art Back
The Official Box Artwork is out - SUFFER has never looked so good! Special thanks to my dude Brian Hudson for the amazing piece. The finished game is coming to...
Installer Woes
Hey friends, It has come to my attention that the SUFFER [demo] installer is throwing unhappy warning signs to some anti-virus software. I have scrapped it in f...
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SUFFER [demo] is now live!
Short and sweet update - the demo version of SUFFER is now available to download! SUFFER [demo] Play it!!!
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